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Redpath Joins Opponents in Buena Vista Labor Day Parade

Buena Vista – September 1, 2008

Bill Redpath, the Libertarian Party of Virginia candidate for Senate, joined his opponents on the pavement and at the podium at the Buena Vista Labor Day Parade and LaborFest on Monday, providing the crowds with an alternative to the status quo.


Known as the kick-off to the Virginia fall campaigns, the event is popular with candidates, citizens, and the press. “One of our goals in this campaign is to increase the visibility of the Libertarian Party of Virginia and highlight the principles we stand for,” said Jeff Bowles, Chair of the state organization. “We are delighted that one of our state candidates could participate in this very important event."

buena vista group shot


Repath was given a speaking slot along side his opponents, Mark Warner and Jim Gilmore at the festival following the parade.


“While the other candidates chose to use a good portion of their speaking time belittling their opponents’ records, Bill Redpath chose to champion the ideals of liberty and limited government, tossing in a few specifics about how privatization could provide practical solutions for failing programs like social security and Medicare,” added Bowles. Other candidates appearing at the event included Bob Goodlatte, incumbent Congressman from the 6th Congressional District, and his democratic challenger Sam Rasoul, as well as several candidates for office in 2009. Following the events in Buena Vista, the campaign parade team, which included Melinda Moore Redpath (the wife of the candidate), Jeff Bowles, Liz Bowles, John Munchmeyer, James Curtis, Jackie Gottstein, and Kim Becker, reassembled for the Labor Day Parade in Covington, Virginia. “It was a pretty long day,” admitted Bowles, “but very much worth it to get the names of our candidates, including our presidential candidate Bob Barr, out before the public. It is important for them to know that there will be alternatives on the ballot in Virginia this November. They don’t have to settle for more of the same. They can vote for real change."


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