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"Stop Dangerous ID Act" Rally in Richmond

Wednesday, January 21, 2009





The rally, organized by the Campaign for Liberty, mobilized support for legislation in the House of Delegates and the State Senate to stop the implementation of the "Real ID" (or "Dangerous ID," the phrase used by the Campaign).
 The rally took place at 1:00 p.m. at the Bell Tower on the grounds of the Capitol in Richmond (910 Capital Street).

Speaker List:

Delegate Bob Marshall (13th District)
Senator Ken Cuccinelli (37th District)
Donna Holt - President, VA Liberty Defense
Mike McHugh - President, Virginia Gun Owners Coalition
John Tate - President, Campaign for Liberty
Philip Van Cleave - President, Virginia Citizens Defense League
Herb Lux - American Patriots Committee
Larry Pratt - Executive Director, Gun Owners of America
Jim Capo - State Coordinator, John Birch Society
Hope Amezquita - American Civil Liberties Union
Reid Gunman and Terri Kurowski - Tidewater Libertarian Party

The Real ID legislation was passed hastily by the Congress.  It was added at the last second to a completely different bill.  Many Congressmen and Senators didn't even read it before voting for it.

Big Brother wants to put all of your personal information in a central database.  
"Show me your papers!"  That is reason enough to oppose it.

It may leave your personal information open to cyber criminals.

Also, it will not prevent terrorist attacks; it may make it easier for terrorists to acquire false identification.  

Please write a PAPER LETTER to your Delegate and ask him or her to support H.B. 1587 which will protect Virginians from the Real ID.

VA House of Delegates Contact Information Link

and your State Senator, and ask him or her to support S.B. 1431.

VA State Senate Contact Information Link

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The Schilling Show Is Back!

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The Schilling Show, airing on WINA 1070 AM, was cancelled in December 2008. Thanks to your messages to the broadcasting company, the Schilling Show has returned!

Rob is a tremendous voice for liberty in Charlottesville and Albemarle.


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