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Bill Wood 2Libertarian Party of Virginia Calls for the Resignation of Commonwealth’s Attorney Marsha Garst After Raid of Newspaper


April 27, 2010

On Friday, April 16, 2010, Rockingham County Commonwealth’s Attorney Marsha Garst arrived at the offices of ‘The Breeze’ (the James Madison University student newspaper) with police officers in a raid demanding photographs taken during an altercation between police and students at Springfest on April 10. They told the editor, Katie Thisdell, if she didn’t comply, they would seize computers and other equipment.

“This is absolutely chilling,” said Bill Wood, Chair of the Libertarian Party of Virginia.

“It is the kind of thing you would hear happening in the former Soviet Union or Cuba, not in the United States of America. In this country we respect the freedom of the press, which is fundamental in protecting our liberty. Ms. Garst should immediately offer her resignation. Based on her actions, she is unfit for public office. Any government official who violates the Bill of Rights should be removed and prosecuted.”

For more information, please contact Bill Wood, Chair of the Libertarian Party of Virginia, at  or (540) 955-8086.



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