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John Munchmeyer at the Tea Party Tax Rally

Friday, April 15, 2011

john mJAL Chairman John Munchmeyer spoke at the Jefferson Area Tea Party Tax Rally at the First Amendment Monument on the downtown mall in Charlottesville.

He railed against entitlements, our state of perpetual war, the war on drugs, and the United Nations. He supported a proposal for the states to call for a constitutional amendment repealing the power of the Congress to regulate interstate commerce. He also said Instant Runoff Voting would eliminate "voting for the lesser of two evils" and then called for a renewed commitment to spreading the message of individual liberty.

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Here is the text of the speech:


Wisely Deciding What We Cannot Afford

by John Munchmeyer, Chairman, Jefferson Area Libertarians   

April 15, 2011


Medicare, Medicaid, & Social Insecurity

If the economy collapses under the weight of these programs, how could that possibly be good for our seniors?   What kind of care are they going to get then?  None.  They will be destitute, and there  will be no one left standing to take up the slack.  On the other hand, if we get rid of these programs and not only save the economy but have a dynamic and expanding economy, we will have the resources to truly take care of those in need, and in and environment with dramatically reduced costs after government interference has been removed.


Our State of Perpetual War

A lot of the arguments against wars have been made stating the death and injury toll of our soldiers and that of the innocent, otherwise known as “collateral damage”, and that we are creating more enemies overseas, making us less safe, and there is a lot of veracity in these arguments, but I want to add another side of it, and that is simply…we cannot afford it!  The financial toll is in the trillions of dollars!

If what you want is freedom and stability, the best thing to have is a strong national defense. I am not a pacifist.  I want our country to possess an overwhelming destructive force to be used against anyone who may attack us.  This is the best guard against a serious threat.

But we are overloaded in debt, and we are funding wars of choice by borrowing from the communist Chinese, and paying them exorbitant interest.  If we keep doing what we are doing, we are not going to have a strong national defense.  If the United States declares bankruptcy or falters into hyperinflation, we will not be able to pay our bills.  We will be pathetic and weak and therefore open to attack.  What happens when we actually need to go to war and we are not able?

Bankrupting the United States government, crippling our national defense, and saddling our children and grandchildren with massive debt to communist countries is tantamount to treason.


Smaller dollar amounts but items that have a big detrimental impact on our freedoms:

The "War on Drugs" actually promotes drug use by adding a PROFIT MOTIVE for "pushers" in middle schools and high schools who might actually be your child's "friends".

It is the major cause of crime and violent crime, it is the fuel for gang warfare, it is the cause of driveby shootings, it has destroyed much of our cities, it makes criminals better armed than our police, it causes the corruption and demoralization of police, it causes a disrespect for law, it shreds the Bill of Rights, it takes concentration and resources off of REAL crime: theft, murder, arson, rape, and fraud, it results in racial profiling and increases racial tension, it imprisons hundreds of thousands of non-violent people who will never become productive, it has contributed to the deterioration of the American family, it causes death by overdose, it spreads disease, it keeps patients from receiving the medicine they need to live, it keeps people from admitting addiction and seeking help, and it has killed untold thousands in South and Central America and corrupts governments there.

And what do we pay in exchange for all these wonderful benefits, according to the group Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP)? $69 Billion of our hard earned money every year.

Watch the news and see what is happening on our southern border.  It is a bloodbath! The drug lords have all the money and all the power and Mexican officials can do nothing to stop it.  Now some say we just need to get tough on drugs.  Well, they tried that in China, via total police state, and even with that extremely hard line, they can’t control the flow of drugs in, through, or out of China.  If we want to finally end this madness and truly put the drug dealers out of business, then we must end this insane war on drugs!


The United Nations is taking up valuable real estate in Manhattan.  Our country has no business being involved in a corrupt organization of socialists, terrorists, despots, and miscreants .  .  Remember the “Oil for Food “ scandal (among others)?  That should have been the death knell of the U.N., if we had any sense. The U.N. is far too dangerous to keep around.  It threatens our sovereignty.  They are usurping American law, establishing one world directives, they are discussing implementing global taxation.  We do not want their counsel, we will not be subjected to their edicts,  We do not want one more penny of our hard earned money going into that sewer!


Now if I had more time I could go on and on about all of the government acronyms: USDA, HUD, EPA, the Department of Education, BATF, etc., all unconstitutional.  All doing more harm than good.

But look, let’s cut to the chase.  Ladies and gentlemen, it is getting late in the game.  We are on train ride to hell at Mach 5.  It is time for serious action.  Here is what we need to do:

1.  The states must call for a Constitutional Convention specifically to pass an amendment to the U.S. Constitution: The Freedom’s Small Government Amendment, which says, “The power of the Congress to regulate interstate commerce is hereby repealed.  Furthermore, no state shall levy taxes or duties on goods or services from another state, nor shall any goods or services be prohibited from free exchange.   Except for the federal judiciary resolving disputes among the states for the purpose of promoting free exchange, the federal government is prohibited from being involved in anything not specifically listed in Article I, Section VIII of the Constitution, including but not limited to:  commerce, education, finance, retirement savings, crime control, transportation, health or health care, manufacturing, banking, tanning, pollution, housing, art, energy, communication, safety, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, free associations, agriculture, food, drugs, nutrition, technology, or employment.  Any federal law previously enacted that relates to interstate commerce is hereby null and void.  Congress may not levy any tax that discriminates based on the type of activity.”
That should help.

2.  This voting for the lesser of 2 evils thing has to stop.  Eleven years ago, federal spending was $2 Trillion per year or the equivalent of $20 Trillion over ten years.  Now, one side wants to spend $46 Trillion over the next ten years and another side wants to spend $40 Trillion over the next ten years and call it “cutting the budget”.  If you vote for the lesser of two evils, you are still voting for evil.  You may slow your velocity from Mach 5 to Mach 3, but you still have the same fiery destination.  We need to implement Instant Runoff Voting where you rank your candidates in order of preference so it is known how you would vote if there was a runoff election.  No one should ever be elected with less than 50% of the vote.  This eliminates the “wasting your vote” syndrome.  Major parties should use it in their primaries and we need it in general elections, otherwise we will continue to elect wishy-washy quasi-socialists, and we simply cannot afford that any longer.  No matter what comes out the politician’s lips at election time, we must say and mean, “If you are not walking the walk, you will not get our vote, period.”


There are some are disgruntled and say it is hopeless.  It is going to collapse and there is nothing we can do about it.  Whether or not that comes to pass, to those who feel that way I say, “That does not change what we have to do.” There is no evidence that what comes after this will be any better as far as freedom is concerned, and in all likelihood, it will likely be much worse.

3.  We must renew our commitment with vigor to espouse the virtues of individual liberty to friends, neighbors, family and others.  That also means getting more involved in the political arena.  If it does collapse, then we will need more people than ever to understand that our blessings of liberty come from GOD and that men may not take them away.   We need people to be prepared, and not be afraid and succumb to government solutions.  Fear is what the one world government scoundrels are banking on.

In closing, let me say this: We love this land and the freedoms that have been bestowed on us.  Let us leave here today with a rejuvenated conviction to save that cherished gift.

Thank you.


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