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Bill of Rights Acclamation!

222 Years Young

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Jefferson Area Libertarians held a Bill of Rights Acclamation from 2:00 to 2:30 p.m. at the First Amendment Monument on the downtown mall in Charlottesville to celebrate the 222 year anniversary of its ratification.

The crowd read the Bill of Rights aloud (including the little-known Preamble), and speakers addressed its profound impact on freedom and of events injurious to its purpose.

BOR 2013 Hallee

Dr. Hallee Morgan

Click here for the video of Dr. Morgan's speech in .mov format


BOR 2013 John M

John Munchmeyer

Click here for the video of John Munchmeyer's speech in .mov format


Text and Exciting Graphics of John Munchmeyer's Speech:

Man’s Relationship With Man

I said earlier that America is different, America is special.  After thousands of years of human history our enlightened founders believed that, in relationships among men, the individual is sovereign and as long as one doesn’t violate another’s right to life, liberty and property, one should be free to live one’s life as one sees fit. The founders were interested in this:



This is not intended to cut out GOD.  What we are talking about here is man’s relationship with man.  In that sphere, the individual is sovereign.  One’s relationship with GOD is one’s own business, a very personal thing. The First Amendment says man may not force religion on others.

Now we all have to live together.  So some people gathered by choice to form governments.

men form govenment

Jefferson said that the purpose of government is to secure the rights and liberty of the individual and that government derives its “just powers from the consent of the governed”.  They wanted a government to work for them, to take care of certain things, specifically safeguarding life, liberty, and property, and stay out of everything else.

Then in turn these governments decided that there were certain things (like national defense) that could be done better if working together, so they formed a federal government to take care of specific enumerated functions (like national defense), whose purpose was still exclusively to safeguard life, liberty, and property, and stay out of everything else.

gov't forms gov't

The Debacle

What has happened over the last 150 years, is that the whole thing has been turned on its head.

turned on its head

The servant has become the master.  We have a national government that lords over the states and also lords directly over the individual, forcing us to do its bidding.

The federal government has slowly and steadily over the years become involved in education, banking, finance, retirement savings, crime control, transportation, health care; the list goes on and on (and on).  In fact it is difficult to name one aspect of our lives the tentacles of the national bureaucracy do not reach.  And because, as George Washington said, “Government is force”, most of that intervention has resulted in making things worse and/or creating new unforeseen negative side effects.  The examples of this are vast.  The most glaring example right now is the train wreck known as Obamacare.

The 10th Amendment was ratified so that the federal government would not have such power. Sadly, it has been, in effect, scratched out.  

And this year, we found out the IRS was targeting and punishing conservative groups for their political beliefs and we learned that the NSA is spying on the American people.

We have what the framers warned us could happen. 


What to Do

First, we are doing it right here, right now.  It is very important that we are here today gathering, reading the Bill of Rights, speaking out about these things.   A wise man said the price of liberty is eternal vigilance. 

This past year has been what you could call a banner year for chopping down the Bill of Rights.  So it is important that we are here and saying, “If the NSA cannot exist without spying on the American people then it is a threat to liberty and it must be abolished!”

Second, we need to draw clear distinctions.

The battle is not democrat vs. republican.
This is a battle between Liberty and Tyranny,
Libertarian vs. Authoritarian,
Freedom vs. Regulation,
Initiative vs. Apathy,
Vigor vs. Stagnation,
Confidence vs. Jealously,
Prosperity vs. Bankruptcy,
Independence vs. Dependence,
Rights vs. Entitlement,
Charity vs. Confiscation & Redistribution,
Humility vs. Arrogance,
Facts vs. Emotion,
Global Cooling vs. Hot Air,
National Defense vs. Continuous War & Empire,
Principles vs. Inconsistency,
Self determination vs. Serfdom.

Third, we must turn this back around to the way the framers arranged it.

gov't forms gov't

We must make the master the servant again.  We must dismantle this bureaucracy.  We need to cut this thing back down to a size that follows the 10th Amendment, which by my estimation is about a 90% cut.  We must spread the word of liberty far and wide, and replace these people, who work for us, with people who truly believe in this revolutionary concept of the relationship between man and man.



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