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Local Government & Global Warming
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Albemarle County and the City of Charlottesville have adopted policies and programs specifically for the purpose of reducing carbide dioxide emissions to the atmosphere.

If a measure saves the taxpayer money, that is a good thing.

If a measure costs more than an alternative, and is done simply to reduce carbide dioxide emissions, that is a terrible thing, because...

Man-made global warming is more hysteria than science.

This lunacy will destroy our economy...and have no benefit!  Since energy goes into everything we buy, this is going to raise the price of everything substantially.  Also, we are already driving industry out of this country due to ridiculous taxation and regulation.  This will be the final nail in the coffin.  Would you put a factory here and deal with this nonsense?  What will happen when there are no American manufacturers left?

The following link fleshes out the details of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere:

There have been times when the earth was much warmer than it is now.   We are still coming out of an "ice age", and no one is exactly sure what causes ice ages.  Every 10,000+ years or so huge glaciers twice the height of the Empire State Building descend as far south as Alabama.  It is going to get a lot colder, and mankind cannot stop it.

A good friend said he first realized "man-made global warming" was nonsense when he visited Turkey around 1987 and was looking down over a very steep cliff.  Where he was standing used to be a seaport.  So if the sea level rises that much, it will be where it used to be.

If you plot solar activity and Earth temperature on the same graph, you see a direct correlation, unlike the chart shown over and over again in the media that looks like a correlation between temperature and carbon dioxide at first glance, but actually shows the bulk of the warming occurring before the CO2 increases very much.

Mars and other planets had been getting warmer in recent years.  There are few SUVs there.

Mankind's contribution to a "greenhouse effect" of warming (if it is really happening) could only be very tiny.  By far, the largest contributor to a greenhouse effect is water vapor.  It will be interesting to see the legislature pass laws against water vapor.

Even the most powerful computer models cannot accurately predict the awesome and fluctuating power of nature.  The computer models used to predict our impending doom are so full of fudge factors, they are laughable.  Their core assumptions are seriously flawed and they have been wrong over and over again. This is junk science.  One day during a recent winter, the weather report said it was going to snow, and we didn't see even a flurry.  They can't predict what will happen in 24 hours.  It seems silly to think they can predict what will happen in twenty/thirty years.

Twenty/thirty years ago these same geniuses were clamoring that something needed to be done about "global cooling".  We were all going to freeze to death and massive government intervention was absolutely necessary.  It is predictable that if we now suddenly experience 20 years of cooling, they will push for mandated burning of fossil fuels.  But it won't help!  There are now predictions of 10-20 years of cooling... and the line is "Mother Earth is giving us more time to deal with global warming."  This is insanity!

Many people (educated in government-run schools) have forgotten that carbon dioxide is not a dangerous chemical as is now reported, it is plant food.  Plants flourish in an environment with higher ppm carbon dioxide.  They take it in and emit oxygen.  One of mankind's gifts to the Earth is that we are taking the carbon hidden deep below the surface and bringing it up here where plants can enjoy it.  One might say that environmentalists, contrary to popular perception, therefore actually hate trees, otherwise why would they  think even for a second to reduce the burning of fossil fuels?   The environmentalist movement has been hijacked by people with a different agenda.  They have made it no secret that they want to chop down the United States of America and that this is a precursor to what they truly desire: one world government.

Recommended reading:

The DeiniersThe Deniers: The World Renowned Scientists Who Stood Up Against Global Warming Hysteria, Political Persecution, and Fraud, And Those Who Are Too Fearful to Do So
by Lawrence Solomon

Mr. Solomon is an environmentalist who set out to research those scientists (whom he first believed to be few) opposed to the global warming theory.  What he found shocked him.  Some of the most preeminent scientists in the world have disproved it!  He now believes global warming is a low, low priority, and he points out the Kyoto Treaty is actually destroying rainforests.

The Satanic GasesThe Satanic Gases: Clearing the Air about Global Warming

by Patrick J. Michaels


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