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Property Rights

Property rights are under assault in Jefferson’s Albemarle.  Instead of working with private landowners who know best how to preserve and beautify our area, several members of the Albemarle Board of Supervisors have chosen an antagonistic approach, using the heavy hammer of government to lay down senseless, draconian restrictions that really hurt hard working people and will have the opposite effect of their intentions.  At a recent public comment session, JAL Chairman John Munchmeyer told the board, “This is the United States of America.  Property rights are the cornerstone of our liberty and our republic.  Those who came before us did not fight and give their lives so that Albemarle County could control our property to the minutest detail.  They sacrificed so that we could be FREE.”

The JAL played a key role in the movement to dismantle the “Mountain Overlay District Ordinance” and “Phasing and Clustering”, two absolutely idiotic, disastrous plans.  We also came to the defense of Tom Slonaker, the owner of Arby’s, who was fined thousands of dollars for flying an Arby’s flag…at Arby’s.  The struggle continues: certain members of the Board have been pushing to revoke Land Use Taxation, a move which could accurately be entitled “The Farm Elimination Act”.

Text Box:    Arin Sime and Jim Lark   with Petitions  Another property rights travesty occurred in the Supreme Court decision “Kelo vs New London”.  Government may take private property only for "public use" (e.g., roads), and it must pay just compensation, but the Court essentially ruled that local government can TAKE YOUR HOME OR LAND, pay you a pittance, and give your property to others (e.g., developers), for the purpose of increasing tax revenue.  JAL members Arin Sime and Jim Lark circulated a petition for an amendment to the state constitution prohibiting such eminent domain abuse.  They gathered over 1,000 signatures and delivered them to the state legislature in Richmond.


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